F.O.R. Refund Policy

The financial wellbeing of our patients is very important to us, we ask that all of our patients be understanding regarding our policies regarding being refunded any payments made to our office for things such as overpayments, surgery deposits, and other such similar things. If you have any questions regarding our policies regarding refund please feel free to contact our office. All refunds will be issued via check only, no other form of refund payment is available.

All patients must allow up to 3 weeks to process any refund.

Any refund will only be processed if the following criteria is met:

Patient has no balance, this applies to all payments made to our office, all balances from all services must be cleared before we will begin the process to refund any patient credits.

Treatment has been discontinued, or patient deductible and out of pocket has been met.

If the refund request is for a surgery deposit, then it will only be refunded if the following criteria is met: surgery has been canceled, surgery and all other claims have been processed and paid for by patient insurance, and no past balance exists.

Once the above criteria are confirmed to have been met, then our office manager will contact you to inform you of your refund approval and confirm with you if you would prefer to have the refund either mailed to you, or if you would like to come and pick it up from our office.

If you choose to pick up your refund in office, then you must show some form of picture ID. If you opt to have someone else pick up your refund, then you must inform the office of that persons name and that person must present some form of picture ID before the check is released to them.

If you opt to have the refund mailed to you, please confirm your mailing address with our office manager prior to the refund being mailed out.

We appreciate all of our patients and their understanding of this policy.